Wednesday, October 21, 2015

We got on TV! Baker and Shuksan paintout

It was one of the more challenging paint outs logistically, but our facilitator, Karen Bakke ably handled it with enthusiasm and aplomb. Many of us stayed in the Mountaineers' Baker Lodge, together with another group of artists from Canada, and a photography group. It was a blast to see so many artists staying together under one roof, even for just a couple nights. I think PAWA got the other artist groups beat when it comes to wine consumption :).

(photo credit Susan McMamamen)

This is the second time I've been on a paint out at Baker, and the views are just spectacular.  The paint out was over the weekend. Saturday was a bit rainy and chilly, though people managed to come up with some spectacular plein air work anyway.

Sunday, we got much nicer weather! With the sun out and blue skies.

Among the guests at the mountainteer's lodge was Diane Lewis filming some of us for Evening Magazine -- and so PAWA got on TV! It's really fun to see the Evening Magazine segment, with much insights from Jan Jewell and Michael Hopcroft. I particularly liked Michael saying that "art is infinite."

Thanks again to Karen Bakke. One of the mountaineer's volunteers was talking about how they run the lodge, and he said that usually people trickle in Friday night and he usually had a few hours Friday afternoon to prep the lodge. "But this weekend, someone was there waiting for me when I arrived!" he said, incredulously. And Karen was like... "That was me!" Thanks Karen, your efforts made this one of the best paint outs of the year.

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