Sunday, February 22, 2015

Welcome to the new PAWA blog!

After this year's super successful kick-off paint in, Susan, Jan, and I met and decided to kick off this new blog as well. The old one was pretty useful, but since both Susan and I were already on blogger, we felt it would be easier to post things and collaborate on a familiar platform. I hope to keep this blog updated with Plein Air Washington's activities, both to announce upcoming paint outs, and recapping the events after they happened.

Hopefully, we can post interesting and educational things as well. That's where I need your help! If you have interesting topics related to plein air painting, please contact me, or any of the PAWA board and we can post your article here, or put a link up to your article.

Speaking of the paint-in, that went really well, I thought. The place was packed full of people! This year, we introduced a show and tell portion where we described our plein air setups (I love my little strada easel), and bootcamp portion, where Jane gave a good talk on how to get started with plein air painting.

Of course, we also had 2 models, and a bunch of still life setups for people it paint. And the pot luck! It was a huge blast. Definitely a good start to this year's painting season.
Photo credits to Susan McManamen, whose pictures I shamelessly took from her post to the facebook group.