Friday, September 18, 2015

Two PAWA members win June/July Plein Air Salon

Plein Air Magazine's awarded not one, but two Plein Air Washington Artists members in their June/July Plein Air Salon. Congratulations to Ned Mueller and Melanie Thompson! Ned won 3rd place overall, and Melanie won best artist under 30.

Here's Ned's painting, "Lowtide-Mevagissey, England"

 And here's Melanie's "Around the Bend"

Both are absolutely stunning. Congratulations again, well deserved, obviously.


By the way, speaking of competitions, I just learned that because of some billing snafu, PAWA's deadline for our annual art show and competition is extended to September 20. So there's just enough time to squeeze a painting in!

To be honest, I wasn't feeling like submitting anything this year. I had many excuses, like the fact that we have so many world-class talent in our ranks (see above), and how I hadn't had as much time painting as I wanted this summer, and so on. But I decided what the heck, better to have tried and failed than to not have tried at all. So I entered what I thought was a last-minute painting.

And now with the deadline extended, you can submit your very own last minute painting too! :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Featured Artist: Jolyn Wells-Moran

Continuing our series highlighting our premium members, this time we feature Jolyn Wells-Moran

"There aren't any better days than the ones in which I feel that I’ve accomplished conveying my aesthetic and emotional experience of nature -- although I love the struggle, drama and comedy of the actual process too,"  says Jolyn Wells-Moran. Wells-Moran is a plein air painter in oils. She often uses her plein air studies, memory and sometimes photographs to enlarge upon a plein air piece, or to develop it further, in the studio.  Wells-Moran studied at the Marchutz School of Art, Institute for American Universities in Aix-en-Provence; minored in Art in college; and has taken workshops and classes from Kathryn Stats, Camille Przewodek, Pam Ingalls, Eric Jacobsen, Mitch Albala, Charles Emerson and other fine artists-instructors.

Here's some example of her work:

To me, Jolyn's strongest work really evokes a sense of the atmosphere of a place. Wells-Moran was recently named a finalist in the Artist's Magazine's Annual Art Competition, received a Special Recognition Award for Outstanding Art from Art, Space & Time Gallery's 2014 International Open Competition and was featured in the editorial of Southwest Art Magazine, “Top Honors,” January, 2015. Her work can be seen at Gallery North in Edmonds, WA and upcoming shows in the fall, to be announced on her web site. She will show some work from Baja California Sur, Mexico, Arizona, Canada and the Pacific Northwest.

By the way, there's less than a week left for our upcoming art show and competition! I hope everyone is wrapping up their work. Paint, paint, paint!